Andalib Rahman Partho Net Worth, Bio and Family


Death of Birth:- 20/4/1974.

Nationality:- Bangladesh.

Political Party:- Bangladesh Jatiya Party.

Other Political Party Affiliations:- Fourth Party.

Relations:- Sheikh Wazed Ali Family.

Parents:- Naziur Rahman Manzur. (Father)

Sheikh Reba Rahman. (Mother)

University:- University of London Lincoln’s Inn.

Andalib Rahman Partho’s Net Worth is unknown as we didn’t have info/source of Andalib Rahman Partho’s Net Worth.

Childhood Life And Education:-

Andalib Rahman Partho was so brilliant from his childhood and his father was a very powerful political leader. His father Naziur Rahman Manzur was also the founder of Bangladesh National Party. Andalib’s mother Sheikh Reba Rahman is also from Sheikh’s family. His father was a freedom fighter during in liberation war. Andalib Rahman Partho also follows his father’s path from childhood.

At the very young age, he was a very talented student. Partho passed his Bar at law in 1997. He started his political career in 2001. In 2001 general elections he played an important role in BHOLA-1 to secure the seat for the 4 party alliance. He contested as an independent candidate from BHOLA-4 in the parliamentary election which was supposed to take place on 22nd January 2007.

Andalib Rahman Partho Net Worth

Andalib Rahman Partho’s father Naziur Rahman Manzur died in 2008. After his father’s death, Partho was elected as the chairman of Bangladesh Jatiya Party(BJP). In 2009 December he was elected from Bhola-1.

Political Career:-

After his father’s death, Andalib Rahman Partho became the president of Bangladeshi Jatiya Party. Which his father had founded in early 2001. Andalib Rahman Partho was the eldest member of Jatiya Party and for that, he assumed the post of chairman.

He and his younger brother Ashikur Rahman contested in 9th parliamentary elections from BHOLA-1 and BHOLA-2. However, only Andalib Rahman Partho managed to win the elections and Parliament as the only opposition from the BJP. Andalib’s membership was expired from Jatiya Shangshad in January 2014.

Inspiration Of Young People:-

The young people of Bangladesh like to follow him to become an iconic Politician. He inspires people through his speech, his encouragement, and his dedication. As one of the youngest politician in Bangladesh, he earns so many respects from people very much. He loves his team and also his father icon that he always maintained in his political career. He is also known as the youngest businessman in Bangladesh.


To be an iconic leader it’s very important to hear Andalib Rahman Partho’s speech. From the very beginning, he always thinks about the general people of Bangladesh and people of all aged likes him very much. Leadership is such a different thing that can change your life from day to night and like Andalib Rahman Partho who is one of the youngest politicians in Bangladesh that makes people so much inspirable in today’s generation.

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