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Rahul Gandhi Net Worth 2019:

Rahul Gandhi who is the first son of Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi born on 19th June 1970 in Delhi. He is the grandson of Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. His great-grandfather is Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi’s Younger sister is Priyanka Vadra and His brother in law is Robert Vadra. Rahul Gandhi started his schooling in St. Columba’s School, Delhi. Then he joined THE DOON SCHOOL in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. In 1984 when Indira Gandhi was assassinated his father Rajiv Gandhi joined politics and become the Prime minister of India. There was high-security thread to his family due to Sikh extremists, so Rahul Gandhi and his Sister Priyanka were homeschooled.

Rahul Gandhi’s Net Worth is  $3 million dollars, which is getting more and more with time. But as compared to Mr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi’s net Worth is Little less. That is because Manmohan Singh has worked in Many departments of India and still working as the Prime Ministerial Candidate of Indian National Congress

He joined St.Stephen college for his Undergraduate course in Delhi, but after completing the first year he moved to Harvard university. Due to Rajiv Gandhi assassination in 1991 by the LTTE extremists during an election rally again due to security threats he moved to Rollins college, Florida and completed his Bachelor’s degree in 1994. However, In Rollins college, he had to assume the Pseudonym as Raul vinci. Only security agencies and university officials knew his real Identity. In 1995 he completed his M.Phil in Trinity college of cambridge. He did his major is Development Studies.

Rahul Gandhi worked for Monitor group in London, which is a management guru Michael Porters consulting firm. He worked there for three years after his graduation. However, He returned back to India in late 2002 and become Managing Director for a Mumbai based technology outsourcing company Backops Service Private Ltd.

Rahul Gandhi declared his entry in poltics in march 2004 announced that he would contest in May 2004 Lok Sabha election. He contested in Amethi, uttarPradesh Where his father also contested earlier. After Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi was holding Amethi constituency. Suddenly she moved to neighbouring constituency called Rae Bailey while she took this decision their party was not so good they hold only 10 among 80 seats.

Rahul Gandhi Net Worth

This created a mixed reaction in the party. Political Commentators consider Priyanka to be charismatic and considered her presence to influence younger generation interest in the party. Rahul Gandhi in his First foreign Media interview condemn divisive. He also said he would work as the uniting force And try to reduce tension cropping out of Religious and caste issue. Rahul Gandhi won the election and retained his family strongholds.

Rahul Gandhi started accompanying his mother Sonia Gandhi In different Party events and Congress party meeting. He and his sister Priyanka campaign for his mother in Rae Bailey which she won in 2006. He was the prominent party figure of campaigned in 2006 Uttar Pradesh election. In September 2006 he become the General secretary of Indian Youth Congress and National students Union of India. He reforms these in November 2008. He conducted the election to select 40 members. Under his guidance, there was a great increase of members of this party from 200000 to 25,00,000.

Rahul Gandhi retained his constituency in 2009 Lok Sabha election. During 2011 he was arrested by uttarPradesh police officers for supporting fluster farmers who were demanding more compensation for their land. On January 2013 he become the vice president of Indian National Congress. Moreover, He won the Amethi constituency even in 2014. In 2016 RSS filed a defamation suit against Rahul Gandhi for clamining that the former killed Mahatma Gandhi.

In 2017 he become the President of the All Indian National congress. He is the fourth generation Indian Politician in Nehru – Gandhi family.

Rahul is unmarried but once he informed media in 2004 that he has a Spanish girl friend who is an architect lives in Venezuela and her name as Veronique cartelli. Now rumors were spreading that Rahul Gandhi and Aditi Singh who is a daughter of Congress MLA Akilesh Singh are in touch with each other. Varun Gandhi who is a cousin brother of Rahul Gandhi, MP in BJP. Rumors were spreading like he is likely to move in Congress due to his rejection as CM in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his views against the ruling government in his Twitter account. In that, once he challenged Narendra Modi to reduce fuel price. He stated Rafel aircraft issue as Globalized corruption. He commented about Demonetization is not a mistake , it was a move to help PM Modi’s Friends. He become limelight because of his quotes and funny speech.

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