Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth-Family, Movies and Qualification


Born on 28 September 1982, Ranbir Kapoor had no choice but to become an actor. This was because he is the fourth generation actor of the first family of Bollywood. He is the son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, grandson of Raj Kapoor and great-grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor.

However, Ranbir’s first film, Saawariya, released in 2007, flopped miserably at the box office. He wasn’t deterred by the critics and went on to act in other movies.

His first film had flopped, but his future films have helped build Ranbir Kapoor’s net worth to $42 million (Rs 307 crores). He has worked hard to build his assets. His earns up to $5 million (Rs 32 crores) every year.

His last film, ‘Sanju’ has broken many records at the box office. Released on 29 June 2018, it has already collected Rs 300 crores! That’s just in 2 weeks!

Adding to Ranbir Kapoor’s net worth, ’Sanju’ made about Rs 202 crores in the opening weekend itself! This is the 3rd largest worldwide collection in the history of Bollywood.

‘Sanju’ is the biopic of the actor Sanjay Dutt. Dutt has had an eventful life. His life is something that actual movies are all about. The tragic death of his mother due to cancer and then of his wife as well, are well-known facts.

Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth


The movie is about the events that led to Sanju’s imprisonment and his life after the final verdict on the case against him. Ranbir has played the role brilliantly and has been appreciated and applauded by Sanjay Dutt himself.


The other movies that have added to Ranbir Kapoor’s Net worth are:

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013): $47 million.

Ranbir plays ‘Kabir’, a regular guy who goes for the last trip with his friends before going abroad. He meets ‘Naina’, played by Deepika Padukone and they become good friends. It’s only towards the end of the movie that they realize their love for each other.


Raajneeti (2010): $22 million.

This film is based on the political scenario in India. Ranbir plays ‘Samar Pratap’, son of a political leader in India. The movie revolves around the dramatic changes he comes back to, after his studies abroad. The movie is loosely based on the lives of the Gandhi family.


Barfi! (2012): $16 million.

Ranbir plays a memorable role of ‘Barfi’, a deaf and mute boy in Darjeeling. The film is about the love between him and his autistic girlfriend ‘Jhilmil’, played by Priyanka Chopra.

The movie was the official entry from India for the Best Foreign Language Film nomination for the 85th Academy Awards.

Apart from the movies, it’s the endorsements that have added to Ranbir Kapoor’s net worth.

He has been a brand ambassador for all the famous brands like Docomo, CloseUp, Hero Maestro, Lays, Pepsi, Nissan, and Blackberry. He has been paid 3 crores per day for the work he did for the brands.

But where he has lacked in commercial endorsements, he has made up in charitable work. Ranbir Kapoor’s net worth has increased as a goodwill ambassador for ‘Mijwan Welfare Society’, which is an NGO started by Shabana Azmi to helps empower women.

He supports many charities involved in saving the environment. He has raised funds for flood-affected areas, education for poor children and many others.

Ranbir Kapoor is an example that even if you are born in a rich and influential family, you can be a down to earth person and reach out, not just you’re your audience and the common man as well!


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