Sonia Gandhi Net Worth, Bio & Family

Sonia Gandhi was born on 9th DEC 1946 to Stefano and Paola Maino in Louisiana, Italy. She was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic Christian family. Sonia Gandhi’s full name is Antonia Edvige Abina Maino. she was in Orbassano during her adolescence. Her father is a building Mason. He died in 1983. Sonia Gandhi has two sisters who still resides in Orbassano along with his mother. She did her primary Education in Catholic school. She completed her schooling at the age of 13. Her ambition is to become a Flight attendant.

She studied English at the Bell Educational Trust’s Language school in Cambridge in 1964. In 1965 he met Rajiv Gandhi in a restaurant where she worked as waitress part timely. During that period, she enrolled herself for an Engineering degree in Trinity College, Cambridge where Rajiv Gandhi studied. In 1965 she married Rajiv Gandhi in a Hindu Ceremony and moved to her Mother in law Home who was then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had two children, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi avoided all involvement in politics despite all the influence of Nehru – Gandhi Family. Rahul Gandhi worked as Airline Pilot and Sonia Gandhi was a housewife.

Sonia Gandhi’s Net worth is  ₹ 92.8 million ($ 12,95,488.00), this was calculated in 2014 during the General election form submission. While Contesting elections, everyone has to mention the assets he/she has and same was done by Sonia Gandhi. She mentioned the total assets of around  ₹ 92.8 million. So, the total estimation of Sonia Gandhi’s Net worth is  ₹ 92.8 million which is more than Narendra Modis Net Worth.

She once said in her interview that she spent considerable time with her Mother in law. Indira Gandhi showed her with affection and love. She was away from politics and public eye until the assassination of Indira Gandhi. However, She first addressed the public during her husband’s election campaign in which she actively participated against Menaka Gandhi who is her sister in law. Rajiv Gandhi won that election and became Prime Minister of India.

Sonia Gandhi Net Worth

Later Sonia Gandhi traveled with Rajiv Gandhi as an official hostess to several state visit. After Rajiv Gandhi assassination in 1991, Sonia Gandhi was asked to take up the post of Prime Minister and to lead the party. But Sonia Gandhi refuses to take up the role. In 1997 after the great completion she joins the party as the primary member to review the party in Calcutta plenary session. In 1998 she became the president of the Indian National Congress

She became the president of the party within 62 days of joining the party as the primary member. Sonia Gandhi won the Lok Sabha election in 1999 in Rae Bailey. She also won 2004 and 2009 election at Rae Bailey’s he was elected as leader of opposition party in 13th Lok Sabha. In 2003 during her period as leader of the opposition party, she called a no-confidence motion against the government. She has served the post as president of Congress from 1998 to 2017 making the record of holding the position as longest-serving president of the party.

She expected to be the prime minister of India while their party won major seats in 2004 election but she faced staunch opposition because of her foreign origin from NDA. So she appointed Manmohan Singh. She was honored with Doctorate award from Brussels’s University and received a Doctorate in literature from the University of Madras. She was awarded as the third most powerful women in the world by Forbes in 2006. In 2009 she was awarded 9th most powerful women from the same. Moreover, In 2009 in a British magazine she ranked as one among the top 50 influential people in the world.

However, In 1980 while she still was an Italian citizen her name appeared in Indian voter list which is a violation of Indian law. The same issue happened in 1983 as Jan 1983 is the deadline but she acquired her citizenship in April 1983 list.

Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin has been Subjected to controversy and debate in Indian politics. She is the first foreign-born leader who leads India‘s old National party.

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